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FT Music



Fight Tyme Music is a partnership venture with Sony/AMG focusing on developing the re- emerging engagement of combat sports content and musical content. FTM was officially launched in November of 2017 in harmony with Fight Tyme Live’s broadcast of the Devin Haney Vs. Hamza Sempewo professional boxing match. This enabled Fight Tyme to feature various musical content of Fight Tyme Music artists during the live Pay-Per-Stream broadcast of the fight in over 188+ countries. What was truly unique is that this also enabled the Fight Tyme Music artist to generate royalties from the TV Tracks of their content.

Fight Tyme Music is also an entertainment management & services company which provides a boutique set of services for artists, producers, managers, labels and content creators. These services range from music production, musical content distribution, music publishing, licensing, sync rights management among other services.